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What is a Gallery?
Creating the basic gallery structure
Gallery Presets
Display Styles: controlling how images are displayed
Moving a gallery
Images order within a gallery
A gallery introduction, what for?
Understanding authorizations
Hiding a gallery
Allowing comments and ratings
Creating a blog on PhotoDeck
Galleries for private clients: events, portraits, weddings
Proofing and delivery for professional clients

Images and Videos

What kind of files should I upload?
Uploading video
Uploading and synchronizing via Lightroom
Uploading via Photo Mechanic
FTP upload
Can I send you a disk?
All about metadata
How does the search work?
All about watermarks

Collections and Smart Collections

What are collections for?
Using automation features
What are smart collections for?

Website basic customization

Using my own domain: step-by-step guide
Changing my website's language(s)
Using my own Terms and Conditions
E-commerce integration with an existing archive
Changing your website's frontpage
What is a custom page?
Using the rich text editor
What is a menu?
Managing a menu's links
Creating a submenu
Custom slideshows and page backgrounds
How can I get my site (ranking well) in Google?
SEO customization with PhotoDeck
Cookies Consent: what option to use and how to customize

Customizing the website design

Customizing my website design
Using my own logo
Choosing fonts
Integrating a WordPress site

Working with your clients

How do clients accounts work?
Galleries for private clients: events, portraits, weddings
Proofing and delivery for professional clients
Using the mailing facility


What is a pricing profile?
Automated print fulfillment via a partner lab
Customizing a partner lab's catalog
Customizing Download / Royalty-Free price lists
Customizing Rights-Managed profiles
Downloads and stock: defining delivery format
Prints fulfillment via your local lab
Discount coupons
What is a shipping profile?
Shipping options for partner lab fulfillment
How do custom shipping profiles work?
Step-by-step shipping setup
How do custom quotations work?
Sending a new custom quote to a client
Integrating with Credit Card Payment Providers
Accepting other forms of payment
What happens when a client orders digital images or video clips?
How are digital images/videos delivered?


What is a lightbox?
Lightboxes from a client's perspective
Sending a lightbox to a client

Website Activity tracking

Understanding the Statistics
Suspicious-looking activity

Account and billing

Managing your subscription
Tell-your-Friends program