Sending a selection to customers

  1. Create the selection in your administration space under My Images & Videos ;
  2. Choose files from your galleries, and drag-drop them into the selection, or use the Add to selection button in the right-hand side column ;
  3. Open the Authorizations panel, add your customer(s) email address(es) ;
  4. Check the Notify box for each client to send a email to, add a message, and save.

An email will be sent to all selected customers, guiding them through the account creation process when needed.

If you don't want customers to have to log in, you can also leave the selection in public access, and email separately the direct link to the selection on your website. You can edit the selection access rights at any time via the selection authorization panel.

If the images are not in any gallery, or if you want the customer to be able to make his own sub-selections, it is preferable to create a client gallery instead of a selection.