Sending a lightbox to a client

To create or edit a lightbox, you must use the same interface as your clients.

To create a new lightbox for a client, first log-in to your website (not the PhotoDeck management interface) with your PhotoDeck account. Create a new lightbox if necessary, and add images to the lightbox. When your lightbox is ready to be shared, simply email it to your client.

Note that your client will need to sign-up / log in to edit the lightbox. No log in is required to simply view the lightbox.

Only images that are published to the website can be added to a lightbox. To share new images with a client, create a new hidden / protected gallery instead of a lightbox - the lightbox feature can then be used to pick selects.

If you wish the client to be able to download the images directly, or if you're sharing a large number of images, it is better to create a private gallery rather than a lightbox.