Differentiate files by "PROOF"/"FINAL" state

Metadata for each image or video file include its state: UNDEFINED by default, it can be changed into PROOF or FINAL.

This lets you offer downloads only for certain files, or automatically deliver only files in state FINAL.

The same options are available for free downloads, for purchased downloads of individual files (via pricing profiles) as well as for the sale of whole galleries.

In this example gallery, PROOF images can be purchased while FINAL images can be directly downloaded.

Assign / change a file's state

Files' state can be assigned upon upload, in the upload window options. The automation feature for galleries and collections can also assign or change the state.

The state can also be changed via the files' Metadata panel, either for individual files or a number of selected files.

You can search for files by state in your admin space.

Offer download only for files in a given state

For free downloads, download pricing profiles as well as whole gallery sales, download/ordering can be offered only for images/videos in a specific state. Files that are in another state will not be offered to the client.

This setting is available for any download option.

Automatically deliver only files in state "FINAL"

In the same way, for free downloads, download pricing profiles as well as whole gallery sales, even when offered for all files, the immediate delivery of files can be limited to files in FINAL state. Files in other states might be orderable, but they will be delivered only when their state becomes FINAL.

This allows for example to offer a client to choose and order images to edit/retouch, and to deliver them after retouching. Please refer to the help on galleries for professional clients for more details!

Displaying the files' state in a gallery on the website

To show the state of each file in a gallery on your site, customize its gallery display style to adjust the Image/video thumbnails / Info to display / Display files state.

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