Metadata generation by artificial intelligence: how it works

PhotoDeck makes it possible for you to submit your images to AI providers like Amazon Rekognition and Microsoft Computer Vision, allowing you to automatically generate new keywords and metadata for your images.

Amazon Rekognition and Microsoft Computer Vision are powerful AI tools that use machine learning algorithms to analyze the content of images and automatically generate tags and metadata based on what they “see.” By submitting your images to these services, you can quickly and easily add new metadata to your images’, making them more discoverable.

To take advantage of this feature, select one of more images you want to submit to the AI providers, and if you haven’t done so yet, create a profile to connect to the provider of your choice with the analysis and metadata options you select, then submit the image(s).

Once the analysis is complete (and it might take a few minutes), new metadata will be added to your images automatically.

Control analysis via profiles

PhotoDeck is about providing you control and offering transparency: AI is a powerful tool but is not a one-size fits all magical wand, which is why we offer connections to more than just one AI provider, and we expose their settings.

Each provider offers different options to control how they analyse the images and what metadata they generate. These settings are defined in profiles, which allow you to choose what kind of analysis you want the AI to perform on your images.

For example, one common option is to detect generic keywords and tags based on the content of the image. This would involve analyzing the visual elements of the image and identifying objects, people, and other elements that could be used as descriptive keywords. This kind of analysis can be helpful for generating broad, general metadata that can be used to categorize your images.

Another option might be to detect text present in the images. This could be useful for identifying specific elements within the image, such as bib numbers on athletes or text on signs or advertisements. By detecting this text, the AI can generate more specific and targeted keywords that can help your images to be found by people searching for those specific terms.

In addition, Microsoft Azure Computer Vision also allows to automatically create titles / captions which are used prominently on your website and can support your SEO efforts.

Note that you can define multiple profiles for the same provider, allowing you to customize the analysis for different types of images or projects.

For example, you might define one profile for sports photography that is set up to detect bib numbers, while another profile for landscape photography is optimized to detect features like mountains, lakes, and forests.

Different AI providers have different approaches in generating metadata and the results might vary. We recommend you try all providers to identify which works best for you.