Uploading video

You can upload video clips in the same way as still images. We support all common video formats.

For display on your website, your clip will be converted into various formats that browsers can display.

E-commerce: You are able to define what format(s) the clips are to be delivered in, both in the pricing profiles settings or when answering a quotation request.

Proofing galleries: as for stills, for “high-res delivery” via proofing galleries, we deliver the original file.

Setting the cover image

By default, the cover image is a frame automatically taken out of the video. You can also use your own cover image (in the same ratio) for MPEG-4 formats (.mov, .mp4…) by embedding it into the video file. Tools that allow it include for example mp3tag (Windows), MetaZ (Mac), VLC (multi-platform).

IMPORTANT: MPEG-LA license requirements for H264-encoded formats

H.264 is currently the leading video encoding format. It is unfortunately a proprietary format for which multiple companies hold patents, jointly licensed by MPEG LA.

It is our understanding that when delivering video clips encoded with H.264 technology, MPEG LA requires content providers (you) to hold a license for both:

  • the “Internet broadcast” of images for free (i.e. showing video clips on your website)
  • the sale and/or delivery of content

PhotoDeck uses H.264 technology to display videos on your website.

H.264 technology is also used in the delivery of downloaded clips, depending on the format chosen.

Since PhotoDeck provides only the technology and is not a party in your content distribution, it is your responsibility to clear possible licensing issues.

The license should be free of royalty payments in most cases.

Our attempt to obtain from MPEG-LA clearer and more concrete guidance for video producers have unfortunately not been successful.

Please contact directly MPEG-LA if in doubt!

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