Uploading and synchronizing a folder

This feature is helpful for example for:
  • uploading a full folder structure, with sub-folder, all at once,
  • upload only the new or updated files in a single gallery while skipping what has already been uploaded,
  • or to recover from a botched upload.

Accessible from the upload window in your admin space, it lets you synchronize a folder on your computer (or your network) with a gallery on your account, so that:

  • a sub-gallery is created for each new subfolder,
  • files not yet on PhotoDeck are uploaded,
  • files updated on your computer are replaced on PhotoDeck,
  • and the rest is left alone.

Note that new sub-galleries will use the same display style as their parent. Please make sure PRIOR to launching the synchronization that the gallery you’re synchronizing into uses the desired display style!

We recommend you don’t synchronize folders containing more than a few thousands of files. For larger collections, it is best to proceed in several steps.