Uploading via Photo Mechanic

You can upload images directly from within Photo Mechanic. The PhotoDeck uploader is included with Photo Mechanic, but if your Photo Mechanic software isn’t up to date, you can manually install the latest plugin version:

  1. Download the PhotoDeck uploader template
  2. Open Photo Mechanic and go to “Photo Mechanic / Preferences / Files / Location of user Uploader templates” to choose the folder where you store uploader templates on your computer. You can create a new folder if you wish, for example under your Library folder if you are on a Mac.
  3. Unzip the PhotoDeck_latest.zip archive into that folder (or move the unzipped PhotoDeck folder if your browser automatically unzipped the downloaded file) and restart Photo Mechanic
  4. Done! When you choose “Upload” in Photo Mechanic, the PhotoDeck option should now appear along with the latest version number.

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