What are microjobs?

Microjobs are a feature of our platform that allows you to perform a certain number of small billable task units each month. These task units are used for example to submit images to external AI engines for analysis and metadata generation.

Each subscription plan includes a certain monthly quota of microjobs. Each “month” starts and ends on an fixed day of the month (the day your account was initially opened), and the quota is reset on that day each month (“unused” microjob quota is not carried over to the following period).

On some plans, you can also purchase a larger microjob quota to perform more tasks than your basic monthly quota allows.

Each monthly period started is always considered fully used up. When changing plan or terminating a microjob quota add-on, no credit is given for the current monthly period.

When purchasing a larger microjob quota, it will follow the same monthly schedule as the quota included in your base plan. The quota for the first monthly period might therefore be available only for a short time, so please plan your subscription timing and usage accordingly!

Microjobs are designed to be flexible and allow you to perform small billable tasks as needed. With a monthly quota, you can have a predictable and manageable budget for these tasks and can adjust their usage as needed.