Adding, managing and deleting websites

PhotoDeck allows you to host multiple websites from within the same account. With this feature, it is easy to add a new website for a different specialty or for a specific event. A dedicated website for a specific client, under their own branding, is something that can help you differentiate and significantly raise the value the client sees in working with you.

All the websites in an account are fully independent and do not share any setting. They can therefore have different designs, URLs, prices, etc… Images and videos are published from the account’s Media Library(ies), and the same files can be published on different websites.

Adding another website

To add a website to the account, make sure your quota for new websites has not been reached, and if needed, purchase an “Additional website” add-on to your subscription.

When your subscription allows it, you can add a new website under My Website / + Additional website. The admin space interface will then show both websites wherever relevant, so you can easily work on either.

Copying elements from a website to another

The design and pricing profiles for a website can be exported via their Backup options, and re-imported to a different website.

Pages and other content cannot be copied, but images and videos from a Media Library can be published on multiple websites at a time.

Deleting a website

All websites in the account are equal and can all be deleted, even the first website created with the account. To delete a website, first go to My Website, make sure to select the correct website to remove, and open its Setup / Visibility menu. There, you will find an option to delete the website.

In a second step, you can terminate any unneeded subscription add-on you might have previously subscribed to.

Lastly, unless you want to keep them in your account, delete images and videos that are not published anymore, using the Search feature in the Media Library(ies).