Tell-your-Friends referral program

With the "Tell-your-Friends" program, you get rewarded for helping the PhotoDeck community grow, all while helping your friends save some money.

Here is what your coupon code is about:

  • The code gives your friends a 50% discount on their first month with PhotoDeck!
  • Every time a new member uses your code, we immediately add 1 full month to your own PhotoDeck subscription

(Your coupon code is displayed on your subscription page. You must have previously purchased a subscription to be eligible.)

How to promote your coupon

Here are a few ideas:

  1. email your photographer friends to tell them why you like PhotoDeck, and that with your coupon they get 50% off their first month
  2. put it on your blog or website
  3. share your coupon code on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, …
  4. blog about it
  5. share with your local photographer community or camera club

Have more ideas? Share them on our Facebook page!

Important notes

  • Like you, we don't like spam: please be considerate in how you promote your coupon
  • The overall idea of the program is to reward members that actively promote PhotoDeck: your code must not appear on PhotoDeck pages or coupon-sharing sites… In case of abuse, your code will be de-activated without notice, and reward subscriptions will be canceled.
  • Any aspect of this program, including rewards and discount, might change at any time