Managing your subscription

Access your account and billing preferences via ME / My Account. From this page you can renew & upgrade your account, purchase additional options such as expanded storage, as well as set up auto-renewal.

Please see this page for all the details on the different plans and optional add-ons.

Renewing your account

From the My Account page, you can easily renew your subscription in 1, 3, and 12 month intervals (3 and 12 months for the LITE plan and the add-ons). If you have purchased optional add-ons, the system will also renew them if possible.

Setting up auto-renewal

You can make your life a little easier by setting up auto-renewal via the Billing preferences section. Auto-renewal kicks in 1 week before the expiry of a subscription, and also includes other subscriptions (e.g. add-ons) set to expire before the end of the new subscription. Of course, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time from this section as well.


You will receive a simple payment receipt by email for every purchase. For proper book-keeping purposes, invoices in PDF format can be found under ME / My Orders.

Purchasing Add-ons

Use the Purchase options button to add additional features to your cart. These include for example expanded storage and the multi-language option.

Note that the same add-on cannot be purchased multiple times. For example, if you already have subscribed to a 40GB extension add-on, you cannot purchase a second one, you must pick the 100GB add-on instead (and let the 40GB add-on expire).

Canceling an add-on

To cancel a subscription to an add-on:

  1. Disable auto-renewal if it is enabled
  2. Renew manually your subscription (without the add-on) until the add-on expires
  3. Once the add-on has expired, you can re-enable auto-renewal.

Upgrading/downgrading your subscription

You can upgrade/downgrade your subscription at any time using the All plans button. Note that changes are immediate when you switch to a different plan. If you downgrade, please do make sure you understand what features and customization you will be losing!

Closing a PhotoDeck account

Simply make sure that auto-renewal is disabled and let your subscription expire. Your website and images will be automatically and permanently deleted after expiry. We're sad to see you go, please let us how PhotoDeck could have served you better!