Managing your subscription

Access your account and billing preferences via Dashboard / My membership. From these pages you can renew, upgrade or close your account, purchase additional options such as expanded storage, as well as set up auto-renewal.

Please see this page for a description of the different plans.

Renewing your account

From the Subscription & add-ons page, you can easily renew your subscription in 1, 3, and 12 month intervals (3 and 12 months for some plans and add-ons). If you have purchased optional add-ons, the system will also renew them if possible.

Setting up auto-renewal

You can make your life a little easier by setting up auto-renewal. Auto-renewal kicks in 1 week before the expiry of a subscription, and also includes other subscriptions (e.g. add-ons) set to expire before the end of the new subscription. Of course, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time from this section as well.


You will receive a simple payment receipt by email for every purchase. For proper book-keeping purposes, invoices in PDF format can be found under My Orders.

Purchasing Add-ons

Use the Buy / terminate add-ons button to add additional features to your cart. These include for example expanded storage and the multi-language option.

Note that the same add-on cannot be purchased multiple times. For example, if you already have subscribed to a 40GB extension add-on, you cannot purchase a second one, you must pick the 100GB add-on instead (and let the 40GB add-on expire).

Upgrading/downgrading your subscription

You can upgrade/downgrade your subscription at any time using the All plans button. Note that changes are immediate when you switch to a different plan. If you downgrade, please do make sure you understand what features and customization you will be losing!

Closing a PhotoDeck account

You can close your account at any time via the subscription management page in your admin space.