Customizing Rights-Managed profiles

Rights-Managed pricing profiles are extremely customizable. To make the most of this ability, please note the following:

  • you can add/create/invent as many pricing options and sub-options as you wish
  • a pricing option can be based on a custom list of values, or it can depend on further sub-options
  • you must define a base price (and optionally a minimum price) for each group of options at the top level
  • the base price corresponds to a specific set of sub-options.
  • sub-options are ultimately based on choice lists. Lists include price ratios:

Price ratios

Price ratios answer the following question: “how much more expensive is this option compared to the base price option?”

Consider the following example:

  • the base price for an image is $100, corresponding to an A4 image size
  • in the image size value list, the following ratios are defined:
    • A4: 200
    • A3: 300

The price for an A3 image would then be: $100 * (300/200) = $150

Image delivery for Rights-Managed prices

The image is delivered in its original size and format, unless for web uses where a pixel size is defined. In that case, the image is resized to the corresponding size.