Showing products sizes that don’t match image ratios

Image cropping when selling prints

When selling prints and products, the Image cropping setting lets you chose what to do about products print sizes that don’t match the image being purchased:

  • None: only offer products which ratio matches the image’s: products sizes that don’t approximately match an image’s ratio will not be shown to your customers for that image. Only print sizes which ratio is within 10% of the image’s are offered.
  • Show: offer all products and display the cropped area: all products sizes are offered, even for print ratios that are significantly different than the image. The cropped area is displayed on the website, so the customer sees exactly what to expect.
  • Yes: offer all products and let the customer move the printed area: like the Show option, but lets the customer adjust the cropping on your website by moving the printed area. For prints fulfilled by an integrated lab, this option is only offered for those labs that permit it.

For pricing profiles where you create yourself the list of options (self-fulfilled or fulfilled by a non-integrated lab), this feature requires that you specify the exact ratio or size of each option offered. Indicating the exact size in cm/inches also allows to display a warning for print sizes that are too large in relation to the selected image’s definition.

For the options Show and Yes, if you fulfill the prints yourself, orders will include the printed area details. Make sure to place a test order to check that you are able to fulfill the cropping! Non-integrated labs (that get automated orders by email) will receive pre-cropped files.