Step-by-step shipping setup

If you sell physical products other than through the integrated labs, creating one or more custom shipping profiles allows you to define shipping costs:

  1. Create a new Shipping Profile based on the template of your choice (one Shipping Profile corresponds to one shipping carrier/option) ;
  2. Customize the Shipping Profile with a proper description, and chose what Tax Profile, if any, should be applied to the shipping costs ;
  3. If you wish your shipping prices to stay close to actual shipping costs, check the shipping tiers your shipping carrier uses, based on package weight and/or size ;
  4. Define your own Shipping Tiers based on your carrier’s shipping tiers. Keep in mind that the quantity of items purchased will not affect the price, and that for any order, only 1 tier per Shipping Profile will be used. Create the shipping tiers in the Shipping Profile, and assign them priorities (the more expensive the Shipping Tier, the higher the priority) ;
  5. Adjust your prices for each shipping tier / destination combination, adding/removing destination territories at will (“Default” territory applies for destinations not otherwise specified)
  6. For each Pricing Profile that should have Shipping and Handling costs attached:
    • Attach the new Shipping Profile to the Pricing Profile, under the Pricing Profile settings, and specify the default Shipping Tier to use (the most common based on the Pricing Profile offer) ;
    • For items in the Pricing Profile requiring a different Shipping Tier, indicate the Shipping Tier to use ;
  7. Repeat from Step 1 if you wish to offer different shipping options to your clients ;