What happens when a client orders digital images or video clips?

  1. After the client enters his address in the checkout flow, a new order is recorded in the database, and you are notified by email.
  2. If you have enabled manual validation for all orders, the client is notified that the order will be processed offline and that you will get back to him.
  3. Otherwise, the client is directed to the payment page: if you have enabled card payment, there will be a “secure payment” button on the page that will take the client to the payment processor. If you have not configured a card payment processor, no payment button will be displayed, only your payment instructions (or a default “contact us” text if you have not specified instructions either).
  4. When the order for a license is paid (by the client via card, or if you click on Mark order as paid on the order page in case of off-line payment), the image is automatically delivered to the client. You can also force the delivery of the digital files even if no payment has been made.

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