Discount coupons

Coupon codes are a great way to promote your products and reach new customers. It's a familiar concept with online shoppers, and setting one up for your own clients is fast and easy.

  1. Navigate to My Business / E-Commerce / Coupons and click on Create a new coupon. The first thing you'll want to do is give your coupon an informative name to help you keep track of it. For example, you could name it "30% Discount" or name it after a client group you want to use the coupon, such as "Repeat customers". Note that your customers won't see this name.

  2. Next, enter a code that you will give to your clients. This can be anything you like, so be creative! If you're setting the coupon up for a single customer, this would be a great opportunity to make them feel unique by including their name in the code, for example.
  3. Now you're ready to set up the actual discount. This can be a set amount or a percentage. You can also set up a minimum order requirement - a good idea especially to incentivize customers to purchase more. If you only want the discount to apply to a specific product, you can assign it to a pricing profile directly.

If you're giving a global discount, be careful to not apply additional discount rules for individual pricing profiles. The discounts will be added together, and you may end up giving a much bigger discount than intended.

Your clients may have only one coupon in their carts. A coupon can only be applied to items attached to the same taxes.