How do clients accounts work?

Regular clients can log on your website to access advanced client features, via the Client Access page.

Your visitors also have the possibility to create a Client Account. (A new Client Account is automatically created every time a visitor places an order on a PhotoDeck website, unless the email address used is already associated to an account.)

Client accounts work across all PhotoDeck websites. But when a client logs onto your website, he "stays" on your website.

When a client creates a Client Account, he receives an email and must click on a link to activate the account.

Does my client need an account?

No, it is not a requirement. At PhotoDeck we believe in making your client's life as easy as possible. A visitor can manage a lightbox and place orders without an account.

But an account offers more possibilities: a logged-in client can easily save and manage multiple lightboxes, does not need to re-enter address information upon purchase, can view past orders, etc…

How do I create an account for my client?

If your client does not already have a Client account and you wish to open one for him, follow the same steps your client would follow:

  1. go to your website's Client Login page, then Register
  2. enter your client's name and e-mail address
  3. Your client will then receive an email with the password and a link to activate his account.