Display Styles: controlling how images are displayed

Gallery display styles make it easy to change the way galleries are displayed on your website, from full-screen autoscaling slideshows to mosaic tile walls.

A gallery style applies to all galleries using that style.

Gallery styles also allow you to display images and galleries in a different way, according to each gallery's purpose.

To change the Display Style used by a gallery, open that gallery under My Images & Videos, then click on the link displaying the current display style in use, located right below the gallery title.

Default gallery styles

Each theme includes the following default display styles:

StyleWhat for?What it does
PortfolioTo showcase your work with as little visual distraction as possibleAesthetics first: large images, no distracting action buttons or metadata (so it's not suitable for ecommerce or proofing galleries), automatic slideshow, no search box.
ProofingUsability first: best user interface for a client to select images.Uncropped thumbnails with hover preview, easy access to proofing features and image information.
StandardSimple ecommerce and searchSomewhere between the Portfolio and Proofing styles, good compromise between usability and aesthetics.
BlogBlog index and blog postsDisplays a gallery like a blog: big previews on the same page, image descriptions readily visible as text, …

Customizing gallery styles

The display style customization screen is made of 3 main sections:

Enlarged images and videos

This section gives you complete control over how opened images and videos appear in your galleries. This is also the place to adjust slideshow behavior for full-screen autoscaling slideshows using, for example, the Portfolio style.

It is also in this section that you can adjust the size / quality of the images and videos displayed on your website.

Image quality on a website is always a compromise between:
- displayed size on screen
- quality
- loading time (its importance is too often overlooked)

You can adjust various settings in the gallery display styles to maximize quality:
- use a higher size - this will result in longer loading times
- turn upsizing off in the auto-scale settings
- reduce the allowed crop
Also make sure that you upload files that are at least 3000px wide.

Thumbnails pages

This section controls the gallery index pages (i.e. the pages where the images/videos thumbnails for a gallery are displayed). For example, you will find here the option to either split long galleries onto multiple pages, or to display them as a long page with "endless scrolling".

A notable option here is the Click on gallery cover opens parameter. This will dictate if visitors see a large image / slideshow or thumbnails when they first enter a gallery.

Use this section to customize the way thumbnails are displayed. Choose from great presets such as the magic mosaic wall tile, or edit small details like whether or not to display download icons on the thumbnails.

Hide components in this gallery style

This allows you to hide parts of your design in the galleries that use this gallery style.

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