Gallery Presets

A key promise of PhotoDeck is that your website can be multipurpose. You can combine a portfolio, a client proofing area, ecommerce archives, and even a blog on the same website. Naturally, the presentation of the images and features vary depending on the purpose.

So when you create a new gallery, we present you with a few presets to speed up your workflow. Pick the preset closest to what you need, and if required, you can subsequently adjust the settings once the gallery is created. (You can change all settings at any time).

PresetDisplay styleAccess settings
Portfolio gallery

Public gallery with Portfolio display style. Ideal for portfolio displays.

“Portfolio” display style.The gallery is NOT hidden, no free download allowed.
Public archive or ecommerce gallery

For standard, public galleries that balance functionality with aesthetics (e.g. public archive, ecommerce galleries or stock)

“Standard” display style.The gallery is NOT hidden, no free download allowed.
Gallery protected by general password

Same as archive/ecommerce gallery, but with a general password. Ideal for private ecommerce galleries.

“Standard” display style.No free download allowed.
Hidden client gallery with free downloads

Perfect to send high-res images to a client

“Proofing” display style.The gallery is hidden, with 1-click download enabled. You can add a password to the gallery via the gallery’s access settings.
Private, hidden proofing gallery for professional clients

For proof-order-retouch-deliver scenarios: recommended when working with professional clients, and when the client must select images before their final versions can be prepared and delivered.

“Proofing” display style.The gallery is hidden, with Download via Cart enabled. You must add permissions to the access settings to authorize specific clients.