Sharing galleries or images/videos on your social networks from your administration space

To can share files (images, videos,…) or full galleries on your social networks (LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook…) directly from your PhotoDeck administration space under My images & videos:

  • For single images/videos, select the file and click on the Share button in the right-hand side column ;
  • For galleries, click on More / Social share.

This will open a popup where you can select a network to share to, and you will be redirected to the network to finalize sharing.

If you have connected your personal PhotoDeck account to your social networks accounts ( / Social networks), the sharing’s popup Quick share option will let you share to those networks without leaving PhotoDeck. Note that this integration is only available for LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

Files are never uploaded to your social networks: instead, this feature shares a link to the page on your website, from which the social network usually fetches an image preview. In the case of galleries, the cover image is what is normally shown by social networks.

Social networks often cache the preview images for several days, during which the same (potentially old) preview is used when re-sharing the same page.