Understanding the Statistics

Your own visits to your website are included in the stats.

Latest Visitors and Latest Searches

The Date is displayed in your local timezone (adjustable via ME / My Profile).

Origin is the estimated location of the visitor. It is based on the IP address. Note that advanced Internet users can easily spoof their location.

Pages is the number of pages viewed during that visit.

Latest Price Views

Views is the number of time the pricing page was accessed or refreshed. If the pricing profile is a multi-option profile (with drop-downs), every change in selection in a drop-down triggers a new calculation and adds to this number.

Why do I get different results with external trackers like Google Analytics?

It is normal to see significantly less visits reported via Google Analytics or StatCounter, for example.

If your website is set up to require user consent before setting tracking cookies (as required for example by the European GDPR), only users that accept cookies will be tracked.

In addition, it is easy for users to disable tracking via plugins in their browser.

Finally, external tracking tools use Javascript for tracking, so visitors need to have Javascript enabled for their visits to be recorded.

On the other hand, PhotoDeck stats are based on server-side access logs, in which all visits are recorded, and that may include visits by automated robots (although we don’t include in the stats the robots we know about).