Using the mailing facility

Perhaps one of the best ways to reach your clients is to use PhotoDeck’s built-in mailing facility. From rich text emails to client groups, it’s fully featured to make it easy to spread the word about your business.

To start, you’ll need to access the mailing facility via the My business / Mailings tab. Use the Create a new mailing button: the rich text editor allows you to beautifully format your mailing, including images, tables, and more. When you’re ready, use the Save Draft button and double check everything before you send. It’s a good idea to try sending the email just to yourself at first to see it in action.

Email software vary tremendously in their ability to display complex pages. We recommend you keep your mailing layout as simple as possible!

When your message is ready, proceed to add email addresses. This is also a great place to easily add new contacts to your mailing list. Additionally, you can use client groups to effectively target different groups that you have set up.