Letting visitors view or download PDF files on your website

There are three different ways you can add PDF files to your website, and optionally let visitors download them.

Distributing and/or selling e-books and other publications

You can upload PDF files just like images and videos, in a gallery. This is best when your intent is to distribute or sell the files, for example ebooks. Only the cover page will be shown, as an image, but you can use the free download or ecommerce features to let clients download or purchase the full files.

Letting visitors quickly view and download a file

For files that are related to your website or your business, for example price lists or contract templates, you can include a link in a custom page that lets the visitor open the file:

  1. In a custom page (or gallery text), type the link text, select it, and click on the link icon 
  2. In the link settings, under Document, select a previously imported file, or import a new one.

Using a custom PDF file as your website terms and conditions

Instead of entering your terms and conditions text, you can also use a custom PDF file. Please refer to the help on terms and conditions.