SEO customization with PhotoDeck

If you wish to fine-tune the way search engines index your website, you can adjust a number of settings.

Main Keyword

Someone looking for photos of New York might type in a search engine "New York photos", "New York pictures" or "New York images".
Your website cannot rank high on all search terms, so pick your main keyword meaning "photograph". That word is displayed in many places throughout your website, for example below the images.

Text in Browser bar

It is a key element in how your website is indexed by search engines (also called HTML Title Tag). It usually appears as the website title on Search Engines result pages.

On galleries' pages, the browser bar text is based on the gallery name (e.g. "San Francisco"). You can add text before and/or after the gallery name.

On pages that feature a single image (or video), the browser bar text is based on the image title (e.g. "Woman on the beach"). You can add text before and/or after the image title.

HTML Meta tags

The Meta tags are embedded in the HTML code of each page, but not displayed. They are sometimes used by Search Engines.

The Meta Description sets the content of the Description Meta tag of your website. (Google sometimes uses it in Search Result pages, but not to index or rank websites).

The Meta Keywords fill the Keywords Meta tag on every page of your website. (Google does not make use of it).