Using the free content editor

The free content editor lets you add elements (text, images, buttons, quotes, preset forms and more) in a layout you fully control.

The content is organized in rows. Each row can be a single element, or be split into columns. The columns' widths ajust to the screen's width while retaining their respective proportions. On smartphones, the columns are displayed one above the other.

Columns can be easily resized by drag-dropping the resizing bar, visible when placing the mouse between the columns.

To split a row and add a new column, you can either:
  • click on the + sign at the left or at the right of the row to add a new element into its own column ;
  • or drag-and drop an existing element into the row. If the row already has columns, depending on where the new element is dropped, either a new column will be added, or an existing column with be further split "one level down", allowing for complex layouts.

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