Using the rich text editor

To add your logo

  1. (Upload the logo into the Graphics Library if you have not done it already)
  2. Click on the Insert/edit image button
  3. Pick your logo image in the Image list menu (you must have uploaded the logo to the Graphics Library first)
  4. Click Insert

To add an image

  1. Open the My Images & Videos panel in a new window and select the image
  2. In the right-hand size panel, under Share image, click on Embed
  3. Select the desired size
  4. Copy the image URL
  5. In the rich text editor, click on the Insert/edit image button
  6. Paste the image URL
  7. Click Insert

To insert a link to a gallery

  1. Write and select the text on the link
  2. Click the Insert/edit link button
  3. In the Link list menu, choose the gallery
  4. Click Insert

To limit the width of the text

  1. Click on the HTML button to open the text's HTML code
  2. At the very beginning, enter <div style="max-width:600px;"> (replace 600px by the width of your choice). At the very end, enter </div>. Click Update.