E-commerce integration with an existing archive

How do I link images on my other website to PhotoDeck pricing and checkout?

On your other website image pages, place “Buy” links that point to:

  • http://[your PhotoDeckURL]/media/302348fe-41ac-11df-8124-002219dda2c0/price: link to the pricing page for image whose PhotoDeck ID is 302348fe-41ac-11df-8124-002219dda2c0. Use our CSV export feature on the My images & videos / → CSV export page to get the list of your images and corresponding PhotoDeck IDs. This is the safest and best-performing method
  • http://[your PhotoDeckURL]/media/IMG_1234/price: link to the pricing page for the image whose original file name starts with IMG_1234
  • http://[your PhotoDeckURL]/media/IMG_1234.JPG/price: same, using the full original image file name
  • http://[your PhotoDeckURL]/media/IMG_1234/price/rm: link to the Rights Managed pricing page for that image