Can I send you a disk?

For large data transfers, you can send in a hard disk with your images, directly to Amazon, our cloud storage provider.

The uploading of a hard disk is subject to a 1-time disk import fee of US $200 / €140 (+VAT).

To upload a hard disk, simply:

  1. Prepare your hard disk
  2. Pay the disk import fee
  3. Finalize the package and ship to the address provided
  4. Relax and wait for the images to be uploaded, and your disk returned!

Detailed step-by-step instructions

Sending a hard disk is simple, but you must follow carefully these instructions. CHARGES WILL OCCUR IN FULL EVEN IF THE UPLOAD FAILS. The upload process is fully automated by Amazon, no manual intervention is possible.

  1. Please read carefully all instructions and contact support for clarifications if needed ;
  2. Load your images onto your hard disk:
    • See the supported devices list below. NOTE that if the hard disk is in an external enclosure (e.g. external USB disk), it must support US power specifications (120Volts @60Hertz), with a US power plug (or adapter if needed) ;
    • Optional: if you create a folder structure on your disk, images will be assigned to Collections based on your folder structure ;
    • Make sure your quotas are adequate prior to the import (available disk space, file size limit, number of videos)!
      You can check your quotas under My Account / My features and quotas)
  3. Create a Custom service quotation request. Copy-paste and fill the following information:

    Device type and interface:
    Device Serial ID# (must be visible on device):
    Total size to upload (GB):
    Number of videos:
    Return address:
    Phone number:

    If shipping from outside the US, also add the following for customs upon return:

    Description of data contained (e.g. "Digital images"):
    Country where the device was manufactured (e.g. "Taiwan"):
    Device value (USD):

  4. Upon payment, we will create an "upload job" with Amazon, including the return information, and we will send you:
    • A file named "SIGNATURE" that you must copy to the root of your hard disk. This file uniquely identifies your disk and tells the Amazon system what to do with it ;
    • A PDF packing slip that you must print and include in the package with the hard disk. Your hard disk will not be uploaded if the packing slip is missing or incomplete. ;
    • A shipping address to send the package to, including: hard disk, complete with power supply and adapters if needed, as well as the return packing slip. The shipping address must include Amazon's "Job ID". ;
    • NOTE that at this point, Amazon must receive your hard disk within 30 days. If your package is received after that limit, it will be sent back, unopened, to the return address mentioned on the package, and fees will still apply ;
  5. Once Amazon receives your disk, your images will loaded onto the storage cloud. After that, PhotoDeck will retrieve and process your images to add them to your PhotoDeck library. The upload-processing steps can take several days ;
  6. Amazon will ship back the hard disk after the images have been loaded onto the storage cloud. Return shipping costs are covered by the disk import fee ;

Files with names starting with a dot will be ignored, as well as Trashes/Recycling bins.

Supported devices

Item Requirement
Power for External Devices
  • US wall socket plug (include adapter if required)
  • 120Volts @60Hertz
  • Max Power Consumption 2,000Watts
  • (USB-powered external hard disks are accepted)
Interface Type
  • eSATA
  • USB 2.0
  • 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch internal SATA hard drives
  • The maximum device size is 14 inches high by 19 inches wide by 36 inches deep (8Us in a standard 19 inch rack).
  • The maximum device weight is 50 pounds.
File System Type
  • NTFS
  • ext2, ext3
  • FAT32
  • NOTE: Mac OS file system is not officially supported yet. If you use a Mac, make sure your disk is formatted in FAT32 format (called "MS-DOS File System" in OS X Disk Utility's "Erase" tab). Amazon will soon lift this limitation.
Device Capacity
  • Max 8TB

(For performance and reliability reasons, we recommend internal SATA units, especially if you are located outside the US.)

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